The board of seven members is elected for three-year terms with two or three position elected each year at the May Annual Meeting. Officers are elected by the board members for one-year terms. The Board chair (President of the Congregation) sets the agenda and conducts the monthly meetings. All actions are governed by the TUC By-laws   and we have a democratic form of policy governance.

TUC Board of Trustees  2017-2018

Mena Boulanger, Chair   mena-in-pulpit-72x10
Deb Donovan, Vice Chair
Sandra Guzman, Recording Secretary
Roger Masson
Barbara Minor
Mike Collins
Suzanne Davis

TUC Board of Trustees 2016-2017

Mena Boulanger, Chair
Deb Donovan, Vice Chair
Sandra Guzman, Recording Secretary
Allen Matthews
Max Lyles
Barbara Minor
Jane Kennison

Rev Lillie Henley, ex-offico

TUC Board of Trustees (term ending)

Jane Kennison
Max Lyles
Allen Matthews,  Past Chair

Mena Boulanger, Vice Chair
Barbara Minor

The Board Covenant of Third Unitarian Church of Chicago

In the spirit of service to our congregation, with this document the undersigned members of the lay leadership of Third Unitarian Church covenant together to assume individual responsibility and mutual accountability for leadership of the congregation and the welfare of the community.

As members of the TUC Board, we accept responsibility to work toward the following goals:

  • To hold each other responsible for speaking in solidarity on board decisions, coming to board meetings prepared (by reading and/or drafting documents),
    respectfully hearing and responding to minority positions and by offering where possible two weeks notice to the Chair regardingplanned or unplanned absences from meetings.
  • To foster interpersonal relations by espousing respectful behavior in accordance with the Third Unitarian Church Behavioral Covenant
    and by promoting to the congregation the tenets of that agreement.

More specifically the Board will work to ensure the following:

  • Continued transition to Policy Governance, with a commitment to articulate in policies those decisions and processes which:
  • – help invoke institutional memory
  • – specify member rights and responsibilities
  • – clarify behavioral expectations of the community
  • -emphasizes linkages to constituencies in the congregation;
  • Fiscal integrity including:
  • – accurate and transparent record-keeping
  • – managing our fiduciary responsibilities in accordance with civil laws, non-profit organization accounting standards and TUC By-laws
  • – monthly review of budget reports and quarterly balance sheet reports of all funds managed by TUC;
  • Maintaining the integrity of our facilities by incorporating maintenance needs into our long-range and budgetary planning;
  • Growth of the congregation, in numbers and in spirit, by supporting programs, behavior and facilities that retain current members and appeal to newcomers.
  • Improved committee efficiency and church programs by supporting activities of the Committee on Programs and Ministries and recommending their services.
Chair will receive the email unless sender otherwise designates.