2016-17 Curricula for RE

Religious Education Classes promptly begin at 11:15 am every Sunday for Pre-School-Kindergarten children (ages 0-5) Elementary (ages 6-10), & Middle/High School (11+).  After class parents may go to the classrooms to pick up their children.  Third Unitarian Church follows the Soul Matters thematic structure & the childrens’ lessons dovetail with what the adults are discussing in service whenever possible.

January – Prophecy

February – Identity

March – Risk

April – Transformation

May – Embodiment

Early Childhood Nursery (Ages 0-5) every Sunday
10AM-12PM Caring nursery staff will partner with parents to provide childcare during the entire 10 – 12PM time period so that parents may have both respite time & be able to attend the 10 AM Forum. There is NO 10AM-11AM nursery hour if there is no forum, so please be sure to check “Home” for that schedule.  Parents & children are reunited either during service at 11AM, or may go to pick up their children before the 12PM Coffee Hour. Parents must fill out a registration or visitors form to regularly attend the early childhood nursery times. Please contact drethirdchurch@gmail.com if interested.

Preschool-Kindergarten (Ages 4-5) every Sunday
11:15-12PM – Within the same classroom as the Nursery, our older 4-5 year old children work with the nursery attendant and an RE teacher. The teachers are usually other parents or adults who do not have children in that classroom. The class will focus on Unitarian Universalist Principles (also known as our UU Promises) & Sources, and we will follow the Soul Matters Themes.   Please contact drethirdchurch@gmail.com if interested.

Elementary (Ages 6-10)
11:15-12PM Children will explore means of living their faith every day, using the 6 Sources & 7 Principles of Unitarian Universalism. This is the first time the TUC children’s program really jumps into the UU culture, the background of the religion, & the bigger questions in life. It also begins to strengthen the relationships children have with their peers & new teachers. Moving to this classroom is a big step into a larger world. This includes themes of love, including the quest for knowledge, reverence for life, supporting one another on our faith journeys, and public witness. Third Unitarian Church follows the Soul Matters thematic structure & the childrens’ lessons dovetail with what the adults are learning whenever possible. We believe in intergenerational RE (Religious Education). The 2016-2017 Church Year Soul Matters Themes follow.  Please contact drethirdchurch@gmail.com if interested.


Middle/High School (Ages 11+)
There is currently NO classes for this age group. 
Please contact drethirdchurch@gmail.com if interested.