Welcome to the Third Unitarian Church Blog!

At the end of 2015, in order to streamline communications, the newsletter was officially disbanded in favor of using “This Week” on the website, as well as a combination of blog posts. These blog posts will be brought to you by staff & lay leaders who fulfill our Third Unitarian Church (TUC) Covenant & Mission with our Director of Religious Education, Minister, Director of Music, community gardens, caring groups, social action (CANA, Action in Austin, CRS), operations, & many more efforts that make our TUC family possible. Each post in these blogs are broken up into:

“Minister’s Corner” are brought to us from our minister who sets the tone for our work within the Soul Matters themes & guides most of our services through sermons, thoughts, & prayer.

“Church Thoughts” are brought to us from the chairs & co-chairs of those teams within our church. You can write to the authors, comment, & offer constructive feedback directly on each post.

“Musical Notes” are brought to us from the Director of Music, Kyle Stephens. These may be related to recent or upcoming concerts, choir happenings, & musical events happening in our world.

“Children’s Corner” are brought to us from the Director of Religious Education, Christopher Bakker. These may be recent or upcoming children’s classes related to our Sources & Principles of Unitarian Universalism, Soul Matters themes, & happenings in our world of particular interest to our intergenerational community.