Central Austin Neighborhood Association (CANA)

“Revitalizing neighborhoods 16 blocks at a time –yes we CANA”
CANA meets monthly in at Third Unitarian, uses the church as a staging area for neighborhood clean up and other activities, and periodically joins with the church to hold social events.
Borders: East at Menard, West at Austin Blvd,  North at Corcoran, and South at Madison.
Leadership: Serethea and Ron Reid who live nearby on Washington Blvd.
Mission: To unite institutions and residents to build and protect an excellent place to live, work, play, raise children, run a business and worship.
To identify, strategize, and organize around significant community issues, including:
•  Improvement of the physical and moral environment of the neighborhood
•  Elimination of nuisances or unwholesome influences in the neighborhood
•  Cooperation with various governmental agencies to improve the economic, health, safety, physical, and cultural standards
CANA seeks to bring together all members of the neighborhood to advocate for improvement – to pool their time, expertise and resources to accomplish common objectives, such as:
•  Improve police beat officer activityCANA neighbor party
•  Plant flowers at all of the corners in our 16 blocks
•  Hold an annual Summer Festival
•  Create a greater sense of community
•  Attract more businesses and employers
•  Address problem buildings and loitering
•  Create a more beautiful landscape
•  Identify alternative strategies for neighborhood safety