Jane Addams

Jane Addams TUC Mural

Welcome to the TUC RE space! We are so happy you’re exploring our church for your family’s needs. Please know that tours of the building are available every Sunday from 9:45-10AM or during Coffee Hour. Please send us a request ahead of time for the 9:45AM with 24 hours notice to drethirdchurch@gmail.com.

Forum 10-11AM (0-5 years)

 On any given Sunday that we meet from September thru June, childcare is provided for adult forums. These topics range from Social Action in Austin to what’s happening with things like Nuclear Power in Illinois. Childcare is provided by trained staff with fingerprint background check clearance to give parents peace of mind. Parents can explore the adult Forums at 10 AM, have coffee, & mingle with other adults. Childcare is NOT available for 6+ years old, but instead reserved for 0-5 year old children. This gives children & adults the needed weekly break to fill up their cups to get thru a M-F week.


Service 11-12PM (all ages)

Children and youth are always encouraged to be part of our Celebration of Life service each Sunday.  There is a special Story Time for All Ages on the chancel every Sunday at around 11:15 where they are especially welcome to participate! The children come up on the chancel (the little stage at the front), where we spread a special blanket or quilt the children helped make. We read a book about love, UU values, or the day’s theme.  (We’re a Soul Matters theme church!)  Then the children return to their seats for the rest of service. We always invite the children to help light the candle at the beginning of service.

Infants and children under 4 can sometimes find the service length of time (60 minutes) difficult & are welcome in our nursery as the need arises. The Nursery Supervisor will help with transitions to & from the Sanctuary as needed from 11-12PM. Please bring any special food or items your child will need to feel comfortable during this time.  The nursery is located immediately behind the south balcony wall & is accessible if a child needs to be comforted by a parent during the service. A speaker in the room allows for hearing the service from the nursery.  Children are NEVER forced to stay in the nursery but instead are able to roam & find their place within the TUC walls.

Any questions or special requests can be directed to our Director of Religious Education at drethirdchurch@gmail.com.