Membership in Third Unitarian Church is conferred when the individual feels ready to commit to participation in the life of the church. This usually means that the person has attended services and forums, met several members, taken the brief course on Unitarian-Universalist history and feels at home with our congregation and our Unitarian beliefs.

The process of becoming a member typically takes six months or more, unless the person has a history of Unitarian membership. Depending on the readiness of candidates, membership ceremonies may be held up to twice a year.

Third Unitarian follows the UU denomination position as a non-creed religion. This does not mean that members are without religious belief, but that each person ultimately must define their own belief, whether theist, humanist, agnostic or whatever. This view of religious creed is founded in our Unitarian Principles, which emphasize free inquiry and respect for the beliefs of others.

Maintaining active membership means participating in church activities according to personal preferences and contributing financially to the church’s well being. Normally, new members want to be involved beyond attendance at Sunday services. In any event, we are a welcoming congregation and respect the schedule demands and priorities of members. See Committees.