Our Sunday service is called “Celebration of Life,” which reminds us of the spirit that we hope to bring to daily living. It suggests both deep respect for life and tenacity in living it well in the service of others. We find inspiration in working for justice and peace; finding the wisdom in every religion; celebrating, singing and working together; and nurturing our children.
Jenn w Sandra
Our congregation is a blend of humanists, theists, agnostics and atheists, many with spiritual and family roots in traditional religions. We are a non-creed church (see Membership) but do follow the seven Unitarian Universalist Principles that guide our belief and practice.
Love is the spirit of our church, and service is its law. With free minds and open hearts, our congregational family will create beauty, confront injustice, and give comfort and courage to people as diverse as our world (see Outreach).