Fall 2015 survey: Anonymous response to, What current strengths does our congregation possess that you would like to see maintained in the immediate future?

Strong core of committed members; Members are like family – a caring family; Strong voice from the pulpit. Concerned and active on social issues; A concern for helping each other; A willingness to embrace activism to the best of our ability; and Strong social action base and history.

We have a wide range of personalities, leadership styles, spiritual/religious beliefs; lay participation in worship; and a connection with the children during service.

A genuine respect, concern, and empathy for the African American community that struggles on in the Austin community around the church.

We have the potential in the Austin neighborhood to forge unique cross-racial, cross-cultural connections. 
We are small enough to know each other, and because of that we can welcome others into our midst easily.

From video TUC Religious Education: All our children are with a group that knows and loves our child and will look out for him – Elizabeth, on her current (2015) experience with a seven-year-old child.

My children, sometimes when I wanted to stay at home, would say, “Let’s go to church because we working on (whatever).” So, it was a real family situation, which is a wonderful thing. – Betty, on her past experience with young children.

From video on TUC’s home in Austin: What is really rich about this particular community is that we believe in social justice, we don’t just talk about it, but we do the walk fulfilling in every way possible those issues that are important to us. – Betty, long-time member.

By maintaining our home in Austin after the neighborhood changed from almost all white to almost all black, we have been saying to the world, “Black Lives Matter.” – Allen, 10-year member

From video on TUC programs: One program that I am most proud of is our Head Start Daycare  that operates in our church during the week providing a wonderful space where over 30 children receive quality care. – Mena, long-time member

Perhaps the most exciting program that takes us into the larger Chicago communities the Community Renewal Society that choose five-six social justice programs each year and organizes opportunities for church members to become active. – Mena, long-time member