TUC members are active in many ways. Committees and Work Groups meet as needed to fulfill their mission. Some initiatives require only an Ad Hoc committee, formed as needed for a limited time.

Auction Committee

 Organize and conduct the Annual Auction, the church’s largest fundraiser

Austin Outreach and Scholarship Committee

Raise funds for Scholarship Sunday awards and organize Austin outreach events.
Garden Work Group Provide a Community Garden for food, fun, and neighborhood participation

Caring Committee

Organize members and friends to assist those with illness or other troubles

Committee on Programs and Ministries

Support the coordination and functioning of church committee.
Shared Ministries Work Group Facilitate church ministries, clarifying the minister’s and laypersons’ roles

Finance Committee

Collect and disperse funds, ensuring spending is within the approved budget

Forum Committee

Arrange Sunday forum, typically about church matters and issues of social justice

Fund Raising Committee

Coordinate church fund raising and special purpose campaigns

Membership Committee

Welcome visitors, orient new members and plan social events

Operations Committee

Oversee, assess and manage the physical plant and address staffing concerns.

Publicity Committee

Create and distribute publicity via website, email, press releases and advertising

Religious Education Committee

Support religious education and spiritual growth for children and youth

Right Relations Committee

Help prevent and resolve conflicts that arise in the church community

Social Action Committee

Promote social change, peace and economic justice through advocacy

Sunday Service Committee

Suggest topics, provide feedback and organize special Sunday services
: Flower Dedication Work Group
Recruit flower donors and arrangers for each Sunday service.
Choir Work Group Support the aesthetics and enjoyment of Sunday service through choral singing