Third Unitarian Church (TUC) attracts people because of its unique 5a. Family Friendlyspirit, friendliness, diversity, and long history of social justice work. TUC is diverse in many ways – family make-up, age, economics, outside interests, and more. Many read the current press and follow national issues and engage actively in social justice movements.

Everyone is welcomed and appreciated as an individual, whether in a family or other living arrangement. As a UU Welcoming Congregation, TUC intentionally welcomes gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons. Our minister conducts ceremonies of civil unions in our sanctuary.

Most members participate on committees supporting the congregation’s goals and addressing needs, such as developing programs, supporting the minister, caring for ill members, planning events, or simply promoting inquiry and fellowship. Occasionally, we have lay-led services, drawing on the rich resource of talents, interests and experiences found in the congregation.

You can expect that little attention will be paid to style, and much attention to substance. We welcome you with whatever gifts and quirks you bring and whatever your current circumstances. You will find that we don’t look much like a TV church, but we do look a lot like the diverse America.

Our size allows people to get to know other members well, grow together in spirit, and share views on life and the larger world.