Enriching the Spirit. Motivating Action. On Chicago's Far Westside.
  • Our Celebration of Life

    Our “Celebration of Life” service is held each Sunday morning at 11AM from the second week of September through the third week of June. Read More
  • Our Community Garden for learning and sharing

    Our congregation purchased and removed a blighted house to create this garden and social space, also expanding the playground for the Head Start daycare program, housed at TUC. Read More
  • Our Annual Seder is about universal values.

    Reflective readings and traditional Seder food recall the Hebrew deliverance from bondage in a quest we all share for freedom and tolerance. Read More
  • Austin Scholarship

    Since 1974 the Austin Scholarship Committee has reviewed austin scholarship applications and awarded 12-17 scholarships per year to graduating high school seniors in the Austin area. Read More
  • Black Lives Matter

    Our commitment to social justice and social action is a lasting stronghold that binds Third Unitarian Church of Chicago to the larger community and the world of which we are a part. Read More
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Imagine a religion where people of different beliefs:

  • Worship as one faith
  • Respect the inherent worth of every person
  • Work for justice and peace

   – beginning in their own community.

Third Unitarian Church- A place to grow your imagined religion.

This Sunday

Sunday, October 4th

There will be no Forum this Sunday.

Celebration of Life, 11 am:  What Would Olympia Brown Do? Guest Preacher Deb Rostorfer and Worship Associate Max Lyles will explore the past, the present, and the future when we ask: What Would Olympia Brown Do?! Olympia Brown was the first ordained female minister of the Universalist side of Unitarian Universalism. She was a suffragette, a mother, a minister, and yet her behavior may surprise you!


Annual Committee Fair: 12 noon - 1 pm. 


Upcoming Events

Saturday, October 10th

TUC Fall Clean-up Day.

Sunday, October 11th

Forum, 10 am:  National Coming Out Day - What do young people who identify as LGBTQ face in the real world of families, schools, extracurricular activities, and just being who they are?

Celebration of Life, 11 am: "Letting Go of Roles and Identities."
We all have roles and identities in our lives that define us. These roles can shape how we are perceived and even how we perceive ourselves. They can be grounding, ordering, and centering. And, at times, they can be limiting. When and how can we set our roles and identities down for a moment? Minister Jennifer Nordstrom and Worship Associate Claire Callahan will explore the gifts that letting them go, even momentarily, might bring.

Sunday, October 18th:

A guest minister will present the "Celebration of Life " and a workshop with lunch included will be hosted by the Settled Minister Search Committee on "Uncategorical Thinking."







Jennifer Nordstrom, Interim Minister

                     Sunday, September 20, 2015 Sermon
          Individual Practice:  Inviting the Authentic Self              

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Kyle Stephens, Director of Music

                                            Kyle Stephens paying tribute to Johnny Cash
                                                               with a service of covers.

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