Enriching the Spirit. Motivating Action. On Chicago's Far Westside.
  • Our Celebration of Life

    Our “Celebration of Life” service is held each Sunday morning at 11AM from the second week of September through the third week of June. Read More
  • Our Community Garden for learning and sharing

    Our congregation purchased and removed a blighted house to create this garden and social space, also expanding the playground for the Head Start daycare program, housed at TUC. Read More
  • Our Annual Seder is about universal values.

    Reflective readings and traditional Seder food recall the Hebrew deliverance from bondage in a quest we all share for freedom and tolerance. Read More
  • Austin Scholarship

    Since 1974 the Austin Scholarship Committee has reviewed austin scholarship applications and awarded 12-17 scholarships per year to graduating high school seniors in the Austin area. Read More
  • Black Lives Matter

    Our commitment to social justice and social action is a lasting stronghold that binds Third Unitarian Church of Chicago to the larger community and the world of which we are a part. Read More
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Imagine a religion where people of different beliefs:

  • Worship as one faith
  • Respect the inherent worth of every person
  • Work for justice and peace

   – beginning in their own community.

Third Unitarian Church- A place to grow your imagined religion.

This Sunday

Sunday, August 30

Forum 10 am:  

The Ministerial Search Committee will report on progress to date and plans for the Fall.  Mandie McGlynn and members of the search committee will lead the discussion. The full participation and  collaboration of our congregation with the search committee is essential to overcome some of the biggest challenges faced by a search.

From the UUA:  "New times teach new duties. In recent years, four phenomena have made the search for ministerial leadership more challenging for member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association:

  • Many new ministers are more oriented toward ministry in the community beyond the parish than to ministry with and to a congregation. Although new ministers continue to enter our fellowship at a high rate, it is not always easy for a congregation to find even one ministerial prospect, much less several.
  • As more Unitarian Universalist congregations operate year round, new needs for ministry are less likely to occur by the school-year calendar.
  • The rising number of growth-oriented congregations brings with it a more opportunistic attitude toward ministry. The hope that “we’d like a minister with these attributes, to help us to take advantage of these particular opportunities,” is heard with increasing frequency."
  • Uncertain about their economic future, some congregations are reluctant to enter into long-term commitments. Demand both for time-limited and part-time ministry has increased.

Our 11 am Celebration of Life Services  will begin again on Sunday,  September 13, at 11 am.  Minister Nordstrom will once again be at the pulpit as we open the church year with our annual water communion.  All are invited to join us as we welcome your whole person.


Upcoming Summer Events

Annual Labor Day Sing on Sunday September 6th, 11 am: 

September 6th – LABOR DAY Sing with Mark Dvorak. (11am special time, Sing to convene in sanctuary) Chicago native, Mark Dvorak is an award winning musician who performs more than two hundred dates each year and looks back on a thirty year career woven from the disparate threads of touring musician, educator and community builder. In 2012 WFMT's Rich Warren, host of "The Midnight Special," named Dvorak "Chicago's official troubadour," a sobriquet previously given to Old Town School of Folk Music founder Win Stracke, and later to seminal folk singer and Dvorak mentor Fred Holstein.http://www.markdvorak.com/  Laurel Lambert to facilitate.




Jennifer Nordstrom, Interim Minister

                     Sunday, June 21  FlowerCommunion 

Kyle Stevens, Director of Music

                                            Kyle Stephens paying tribute to Johnny Cash
                                                               with a service of covers.

                                                               Audio and Video Archive