Enriching the Spirit. Motivating Action. On Chicago's Far Westside.
  • Our Celebration of Life

    Our “Celebration of Life” service is held each Sunday morning at 11AM from the second week of September through the third week of June. Read More
  • Our Community Garden for learning and sharing

    Our congregation purchased and removed a blighted house to create this garden and social space, also expanding the playground for the Head Start daycare program, housed at TUC. Read More
  • Our Annual Seder is about universal values.

    Reflective readings and traditional Seder food recall the Hebrew deliverance from bondage in a quest we all share for freedom and tolerance. Read More
  • Austin Scholarship

    Since 1974 the Austin Scholarship Committee has reviewed austin scholarship applications and awarded 12-17 scholarships per year to graduating high school seniors in the Austin area. Read More
  • Black Lives Matter

    Our commitment to social justice and social action is a lasting stronghold that binds Third Unitarian Church of Chicago to the larger community and the world of which we are a part. Read More
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Imagine a religion where people of different beliefs:

  • Worship as one faith
  • Respect the inherent worth of every person
  • Work for justice and peace

   – beginning in their own community.

Third Unitarian Church- A place to grow your imagined religion.

This Sunday

Sunday, August 9

Forum 10 am:  “Current Issues in Immigration." Rachel Heuman, Immigrant Advocacy Project, speaking.
Amid an incendiary national debate, Rachel Heuman will let us know the most current information on immigrant issues. A long time activist, Rachel is a retired English teacher and founder of the Immigration Advocacy Project. Laurel Lambert to facilitate, and Luke McGlynn hosting.

Our 11 am Celebration of Life Services are over for the summer.  They will begin again on Sunday, Setember 6, at 11 am with our traditional Labor Day Sing-a-long. On Sunday, September 13, at 11 am Minister Nordstrom will once again be at the pulpit as we open the church year with our annual water communion.


Upcoming Summer Events

Our Summer of Forums, 10 am!

August 16 - "Moving to a theme based curriculum for both the adult and  youth programs."  Christopher Bakker, speaking.  Allen Matthews hosting.  You may be wondering, "What does this mean to me?" Come learn about the Six Sources of Unitarian Universalism, Chalice Lighting, and our Seven Princicples.  See how these sources and principles will inform our year together. Be more aware of how the children and adults will be learning concurrently. You are one of our teachers for the children, whether you're aware of it or not. 

August 23 -  Summer Book Club, part 3.  Ghettoside: a True Story of Murder in America by Jill Loevy. Deb Donavan to lead and Barbara Minor hosting. “America’s black-on-black-crime problem isn’t going to be solved by black boys pulling up their pants or refraining from using the N-word or any of the other condescending solutions cable-news pundits have eagerly urged on the monolithic “black community” of their feverish imaginings. Our justice system can prevent blacks from killing blacks in the same way that it prevents whites from killing whites: by investing time, money, and police resources into proving that black people are valuable to our society—by extending them material and cultural support while aggressively investigating and prosecuting the perpetrators of their violent deaths. Unfortunately, such a commitment is expensive and arduous, and it requires white Americans to admit that, in some ways, black-on-black crime is an outgrowth of historic white-on-black crime. It’s much easier to watch TV’s one hundredth Natalee Holloway special and tolerate cops who write off black murder victims as subhuman.” Book Forum.com  


We invite you to join us at Third Unitarian Church at 10 am on Sundays this Summer.



Jennifer Nordstrom, Interim Minister

                     Sunday, June 21  FlowerCommunion 

Kyle Stevens, Director of Music

                                            Kyle Stephens paying tribute to Johnny Cash
                                                               with a service of covers.

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